Marine Transport

云顶集团Established in 1982,Shenzhen Oceanus Group is the first shipping company after the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. After 30 years of exploration and development, Shenzhen Oceanus Group has formed a business development strategy that takes maritime transport as a leader supplemented by coastal tourism and port operations. Its business covers high-speed passenger transport at sea, logistics transport, fishery sightseeing, yacht leisure, tourism comprehensive development, port operation, and wharf construction. Besides, it has improved industrial chain resources from the ship to wharf, and from shipping to tourism. 

Marine Transport

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云顶集团Relying on Shenzhen—the frontier coastal city, Shenzhen Oceanus Grouphas made outstanding contributions to the development of Shenzhen economy, and it has also created many brilliant achievements in the industry; it is the first company that Shenzhen open up the Pearl River Delta marine high-speed passenger routewith the largest high-speed passenger fleet in Shenzhen; it is the first to carry out the Pearl River Delta island tour business, the first to construct the port wharf. In the early construction of Shenzhen, it bore almost all mine wharf business. Shenzhen Oceanus Group has the first domestic Sino-foreign joint venture port enterprise, and operates the first opening of ports, and is one of the shareholders of shipping companies importing liquefied natural gas project. 

The world is in the great development of great changes, and the marine economy has become an important growth point for future economic development. In 2013, the national marine production value was 5.4313 trillion yuan, of which added value of marine transportation and coastal tourism was more than 500 billion yuan. As the South China Oceanic City, Shenzhen's marine economy will get leapfrog development. By 2020, Shenzhen's marine total output value will exceed 300 billion yuan.

In the face of new opportunities for the development of marine economy, Shenzhen Oceanus Group people will work together with the global industry to build a modern marine industry group with excellent first-class professional operation and pragmatic enterprising spirit. It will continuously expand the convenient and efficient transportation network and green tourism space to create a new chapter of international port and shipping, as well as tourism market.