Culture & Sports
Committed to building an Internet platform for Chinese cultural and sports activities

云顶集团ge-scale investment group in China, Kaisa Culture & Sports Group(KCSG) is committed to creating the leading platform for cultural and sports activities in China.

As a large integrated culture and sports venue operator in China, KCSG successfully operates more than 15 landmark sports venues, including Shenzhen Universiade Center, Shenzhen Nanshan Culture and Sports Center, Natatorium of Shanghai Fudan University Fenglin Campus, Wuhan Wuhuan Sports Center, Foshan Gaoming Sports Center, Liuzhou Liudong Sports Center(Guangxi), Nantong Haian Sports Center (Jiangsu) etc., covering an operating venue area of 2 million ㎡, and has more than 12 billion RMB assets under management.

With the golden age of culture and sports industry in China, KCSG has developed a strategy to target the 5 trillion CNY worth industry, adopting “Asset-light and operation-focused” management concept as well as a platform-based development strategy on internationalization and specialization.

云顶集团KCSG has pioneered a "Four Wheels" operation model with four segments: integrated operation, content, intellectualization and derivatives. Based on its venues platform, every year the group invests, introduces and holds over 600 major domestic and international events including sports game, performances and exhibitions, and has created its own event IPs. Through marketing operations, KCSG has revitalized and comprehensively leveraged its venue resources to develop the LEFIRE Sports and Arts training. At the same time, utilizing the terminal value of the venues, the group has developed the "Internet+" business to master the entire industry chain's resources, including the venue platform, content development, integrated promotions of activities, diversified business operation, etc., and to build a unique ecosystem of culture and sports industry.

云顶集团In addition to commercial service, Kaisa Culture & Sports Group also actively participates in public welfare undertakings, social responsibility, its venues open all the year round, providing the national fitness services such as football, badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming etc., up to now it has free reception of citizens over 400,000 person-time, safeguarded and performed nearly 100 field large urban public welfare activities every year, attracting lots of people to participate in at no charge. Kaisa Culture & Sports Group integrates the spiritual pursuit of enterprises into the value chain of philanthropic activities to realize healthy and sustainable development of the enterprises.

Culture & Sports

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