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Corporate Profile

Kaisa Group Holdings LTD

Kaisa Group Holdings LTD, founded in 1999 at Hong Kong, listed in December 2009 at Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Stock code: 1638.HK.  

云顶集团As a large Chinese comprehensive investment group, Kaisa Group has more than 20 enterprises and specialized cooperations, over 100 branch companies, over  fourteen thousand employees, and total assets of over 220 billion CNY in 2018. Now, Kaisa has covered five main economic zones as Peral River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Rim, Chengdu-Chongqing, and Central Area, within over 50 core cities in China.

云顶集团Kaisa took full advantages in economic restructure and consumption upgrade, to facilitate diversified businesses. We currently have set foot in more than 20 industries such as wealth management, urbanization, culture and sport, business management, tourism, hotel and catering, sea transportation, health medical, science, apartment and office, and football club.  

Kaisa Group has always been an operator, with the core value of “expertise, innovation, worth, responsibility”, with global insight, with undeviating innovative spirit, to keep up with China's development in an intellectual, low carbon, high quality way. We have made great contributions in industries upgrading and urbanization developing.

Our innovative and dedicative professional team is Kaisa's most valuable asset, with rich experience and strong cohesion, they fight for the future of our enterprise driven by the enterprise culture as simple, efficient, mdest, struggling. Kaisa is making the management scientific, professional and efficient, to find the balance between business and social benefits.

It's our natural obligation and lofty mission to create a harmonious, happy, sustainable environment for people, to make contributions to society. Since the very beginning,Kaisa has been performing social obligations in aspects of low carbon buildings, environmental protection, eliminating poverty, recreation and sport, staff welfare and such, and we have sponsored over 60 charity projects for nearly 800 million CNY in public welfare.

In the future, Kaisa Group will keep up the efficiency and proliferation,

Kaisa will be the top comprehensive investment group in China,

Kaisa will build a legacy!